Hi, I'm Caleb Edison.

I am an interdisciplinary 2D and 3D designer who crafts immersive virtual experiences.

Rivers Run Red

This is a collection of projects that I was heavily involved in while working for Rivers Run Red. I was also instrumental in adding gamified elements - For example coming up with and scripting a giant virtual "Crane Game" for Vodaphone's virtual space, or rebranding and integrating a mini racecar game which I had previously built into Renault F1's experience which you can seen in the last video on this page. I scripted, built, textured, animated, and breathed life into 3D assets along with a team of amazing people. I also was fortunate enough to work with some of the world's biggest brands, right at the forefront of a virtual-world marketing boom.

I also learned a ton about branding and marketing, and got to work with some of the world's biggest brands: Coca-Cola, Philips, Sony, Calvin Klein, adidas, Unilever, Dove, Herman Miller, Heineken, Vodafone, BBC Radio 4, Sky News, Duran Duran, William Gibson, Renault F1, and more.