Hi, I'm Caleb Edison.

I am an interdisciplinary 2D and 3D designer who crafts immersive virtual experiences.

Rocky Mountain Environment Study - 2021

This is an environment study that I built around Christmas of 2020 in the Unreal Engine. Whenever possible I like to find different ways to connect to a project on an emotional level, as it can really tend to help magnify the end result. I grew up in rural Montana and have many fond memories of the outdoors, hiking and climbing around on rock formations, so I chose that as the subject matter.

The goal of this project was to polish my overall composition skills and spend as much time as possible building in the Unreal Engine itself, so I used many Quixel Megascan Photogrammetry assets to speed along the workflow. The background mountain range was built out in World Machine, while the remainder is Unreal terrain. After a good deal of color matching in Photoshop I was able to bring out the dry, arid dirt and sandstone feel of the rocky mountains.